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Why Choose Engineered Oak Flooring?

27th May 2020

Engineered oak flooring has long been praised for its suitability to higher moisture rooms with varying humidity levels, such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories.

Many would, perhaps unfairly, argue that solid hardwood is the best option for all other rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms because it will “last a lifetime”. High quality engineered flooring can, however, be very difficult to tell apart from solid wood once it’s installed, whilst the top layer is hard wood, so you do get the same level of character, warmth and natural beauty, as you would with solid oak flooring. There are plenty of other advantages too:


  • Easier to install without the worry about fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • Extremely tough and can stand up to any footfall.
  • The wear layer can be sanded and re-finished if necessary.
  • Generally more cost-effective than solid oak flooring.
  • Provides a long lifespan.
  • Easy to install and maintain.


The closest floor type to solid wood

Much like solid wood flooring, engineered is available in a wide range of species, grades and finishing options, so whether you prefer a more rustic look, a deep tone or a bright and contemporary finish, the very best timber suppliers can meet your exacting needs. Not to be confused with laminate flooring, engineered oak flooring can only have a natural decorative top layer. It’s important to understand that quality can vary considerably from one supplier to another, but generally a thicker top layer will deliver a longer lifespan and can also be sanded more frequently. The ‘core board’ is the base layer delivering strength and sturdiness. At UK Oak our engineered flooring is made up of different types of wood that are resistant to changes in moisture and heat.

Another key advantage is the fact that it can be installed on most types of subfloors, such as being directly glued and dried over concrete. It’s greener than solid oak too, due to the fact that it’s manufactured from some of the fast-growing, underutilised wood species, helping to safeguard older forests.


Is it just as strong as solid oak?

Engineered wood can deliver a very long lifespan, and while the top layer is solid wood, it is not a natural product. Numerous materials are bonded together to create engineered flooring so it’s critical to not group all forms of engineered flooring as one. Solid oak is of course a completely natural product and you are guaranteed exceptional robustness and strength.

Here at UK Oak, we provide the very best engineered and solid oak flooring, and we can help you decide on the right solution for your home. We also offer pre-sanded oak floor boards so that you can apply your own finish, whilst our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about our flooring products, or to tell us more about your needs, please call us today on 01536 267107 or send us a message. 

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