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Air Dried Oak Beams
Oak Boards
Larch/Douglas Fir Boards
    Roofing Shingles
      Custom Milled Oak Boards, Beams and Posts!
      Oak Buildings
      Timber Cladding
      Oak Mantel Pieces
      Solid Oak Doors
      Other Oak Furniture
      Oak Flooring and Skirting
      Oak Gates
      Decking Boards and Components
      Fencing Materials
      Railway Sleepers
      Raised Bed Kits
      Garden Furniture
      Fixings and Treatments
      Cutting and Machining

      Our Products

      Half LogLap Planter 1900x700
      Half LogLap Planter 1900x1300
      Half LogLap Planter 1900x1900
      Half LogLap Planter 2500x400
      Half LogLap Planter 2500x700
      Half LogLap Planter 2500x1300
      Half LogLap Planter 2500x2500
      EasyFit Softwood Raised Bed 2525x725
      EasyFit Softwood Raised Bed 2525x1325
      Siberian Larch Tongue and Groove Cladding
      Siberian Larch Channel Siding Cladding
      Machine Rounded Pointed Oak Stake
      Treatex Clear Exterior Oil
      Treatex Ablino Exterior Oil
      Treatex Sheer Exterior Oil
      Treatex Dun Exterior Oil
      Treatex Champagne Exterior Oil
      Treatex Buckskin Exterior Oil
      Treatex Spanish Chestnut Exterior Oil
      Treatex Bay Exterior Oil
      Rounded Oak Dowels
      New Untreated Turkey Oak Sleeper
      Machine Rounded Oak Stakes 25mm
      Solid Oak Gravel Boards
      Lightweight Oak Featheredge Cladding
      Pack of 4 Oak Decking Tiles
      Ecofire HotBrix Hardwood Briquettes
      Pack of 4 Untreated English Larch Douglas Fir Decking Tiles
      Easyfit Pergola Kit 1.8m x 2.4m Walkway
      Easyfit Pergola Kit 2.4m x 3.6m
      Easyfit Pergola Kit 2.4m x 3.6m - Wall Mounted
      Oak Featheredge Fence Panel
      Oak Featheredge Side Gate
      Lightweight Oak Decking
      Siberian Larch Featheredge Cladding
      Treatex External Virgin Oak Oil
      Pergola Support Posts
      Pergola Rafter Rails- Crescent
      Pergola Rafter Rails- Curved
      Pergola Rafter Rails- Chamfer
      Pergola Rafter Rails- Traditional
      Pergola Rafter Rails- Sleek
      Fencemate Drive In Post Support
      Fencemate Bolt Down Post Support
      Pegola Bearers- Curved
      Pergola Bearers- Chamfer
      Pergola Bearers- Crescent
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