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What is Natural Grade Hardwood Flooring?

29th October 2020

‘Natural’ or ‘character’ grade hardwood flooring features knots, colour variations, sap and face shake (fine splits in the crown running with the grain). Each of these ‘imperfections’ adds to the natural character and charm of the finished product, which is why many homeowners choose natural grade oak. There are many different ways of grading oak, and it does depend on the supplier, however, for the most part, the term refers to products that feature knots of larger sizes, with more sap and colour variation, whilst some manufacturers use filler to seal holes that are naturally present in the wood. 


Nature is imperfectly perfect

Our Character Grade Unfinished Solid European Oak Flooring is a fine example of ‘natural grade’ hardwood flooring. It’s similar to French Oak flooring, offering a beautiful warm tone that’s a great match for modern and traditional properties. Our customers have praised this particular product for its beautiful characteristics, which balance rustic details with refined elegance. Every board is, of course, unique so ordering one or a few samples will not necessarily represent the final ‘character’ of your oak boards. 


Create a space that makes you happy

Interior design has always been about creating comfortable home interiors that are practical and attractive. The trend, particularly in recent years, for kitchens, has been around sleek modern design and clean lines; however, many designers look to combine these contemporary features and appliances with raw natural materials. This is exactly where the ‘imperfectly perfect’ personality of natural oak can elevate a room. It’s one of many reasons why the popularity of natural grade hardwood flooring remains strong — because it’s timeless, adding charm whilst heightening property value at the same time. 


Is it expensive?

It depends entirely on the quality of the wood and scale of your project, but at UK Oak, we prove that it is possible to supply this durable, attractive and characterful oak to homes across the UK at the most competitive prices. We also supply Prime Grade European Oak, also known as first grade, which is recognised as the highest grade of wooden flooring, providing a more luxurious, pristine finish. Therefore, there are minimal knots and a more uniformed grain in comparison to character grade oak. With all types of flooring, it’s important to look at the options as an investment, especially if you’re looking to add to the resale value of your home. According to a survey by the National Wood Flooring Association, estate agents agree that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell, for more money — up to 10% more than an identical home without real wood flooring.

We hope this article gives you further insight into natural grade hardwood flooring, but if you’d like to learn more, or wish to explore our different grades in more detail, it’s best to get in touch with a member of our team — and you can do so by calling 01536 267107.

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