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      Mantelpieces – The Right Way to Choose One

      13th May 2024

      Usually, a fireplace is the central point of focus in a room and the mantel around it could be an important part of its overall look. It may seem difficult to find the perfect mantel and different options such as styling, materials and designs – must also be considered. In this guide we will consider some key points that you should keep in mind when choosing a mantel; to ensure that you make the best choice for your home.

      Material Makes a Difference

      When picking out a mantel, one of the first things you have to decide on is its material. These include wood, stone and metal among others each with their own pros and cons.

      Oak mantels are one classic option which is forever fashionable; oak mostly being used. This species’ strength, durability and unique grain pattern characterises them. It can be stained or painted to fit any style ranging from traditional to modern ones. Bespoke oak mantels at UK Oak are made by us for longevity.

      Stone mantels like limestone or marble give off an appearance of luxury and sophistication. They are not easily damaged by fire though they can tolerate heat without bending or cracking at all unlike other wooden models. Nevertheless, stone ones are normally more expensive than wooden alternatives hence tend to be harder when it comes to installation process.

      Metal mantels are made of steel or cast iron providing contemporary looks with extra smoothness. You will find these fire-resistant units in various colours matching your decor theme if you wish so. However, they may not appear as welcoming as timber based or stone examples do.

      Style And Design

      The design and style of your mantelpiece should fit well within your space’s general outlooks - including room feel. Consideration should also be given to personal preferences alongside architectural style back home.

      For a classical appearance - go for ornate carvings on your mantel piece such as corbels and dentil moulding. Such details add depth and character to the mantel making it a focal point of attraction in any room.

      If you are thinking about modern or minimalist look, choose a mantel with clean lines and simple shapes. Opt for floating oak mantelpieces that make your wall appear like it supports them without any visible means of suspension.

      Proportion And Size

      The proportions between a fireplace, the room where it is fitted and mantel piece must match each other. When too small for the space, a subtly designed one may look out of place but on the other hand an excessively large size could overwhelm it.

      Typically extending 3-6 inches on both sides beyond the firebox opening, the surround should be wider than that opening is. The height of your mantelpiece as well must be proportionate to the height of your ceiling with taller ones allowing larger surrounds.

      Customisation And Bespoke Options

      In spite of numerous designs already present on sale, custom pieces allow you to create something truly individualised which would fit effortlessly into your space and style respectively.

      UK Oak specialises in producing oak mantels made to measure according to customers’ specific requirements. Our team will collaborate with you using their expertise so that they deliver precisely what you had in mind when choosing other elements around your hearth.

      Installation & Maintenance

      When you choose the best mantel, ensure that it is correctly mounted and maintained. This will help prevent possible safety concerns, as a professional installer will safely attach your mantel to the wall so that it stays level.

      In order for your mantel to remain in its perfect condition, regularly dust off and clean it with a piece of soft dry cloth. Steer clear of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents which can damage its finish. To maintain luster and save against moisture on an oak mantel for example, consider applying beeswax or oil finishes approximately every three years.

      Choosing the right mantel is an important decision when considering how a room looks like. Hence by considering things such as material used style proportions customisation this could be done well to achieve a great look in your home.

      We at UK Oak are passionate about constructing stunning made-to-order oak fireplace mantels that last for generations. Our team of experts are there to help you through the whole process from designing up to installing so that you end with something memorable in form of a mantel; see us today for any inquiries on your project and start improving your fireplace with one amazing oak mantel.

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