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How Long Does Oak Flooring Last?

1st October 2020

One of the biggest factors when choosing flooring is lifespan. Nobody wants to invest in flooring if it’s only going to last several years before it needs replacing, but fortunately, there are many different types praised for durability and reliability, such as solid wood, engineered flooring and porcelain tile. That said, nothing comes close to oak, which is one of the most durable natural structures, especially if it’s well maintained.


A top-quality material and a wise investment

Whether you intend on installing oak flooring in a single room or throughout your entire home, it’s beneficial to know how long it will last. This will of course depend on the specific grade of oak, however, generally it can last for more than 30 years — though it’s not unusual for oak flooring to last for centuries! It’s important to remember that a well-cared for solid floor may not even need to be sanded once in 10 years, so you can begin to understand exactly why it’s considered to be one of the best flooring investments.

Oak is, of course, very popular because of its characterful, unique and warm appearance, but perhaps its biggest selling point is durability. Hardwoods can typically last for decades. In the case of oak, because it is so dense, it is not uncommon to find floorboards in period properties that date back centuries, especially if they have been well looked after. That said, the type of subfloor that you have can also contribute to whether or not it will last a long time. The firmer or sturdier the subfloor is, the higher the probability that the integrity of that hardwood insulation will last.


What other variables need to be considered?

You’re guaranteed excellent strength when using a hardwood like oak, however, you do need to spare a thought for how thick each of the planks are going to be. In order to save money, you may consider using thinner planks. If that is the case, you can’t expect a similar life expectancy of thicker boards. It also depends on the quality of the oak, where it originated, and how adept the installers are at doing their jobs. We can safely say that with quality oak and a professional installation, an oak floor will last at least 25 years on average.

These are just a few things to consider before installing a hardwood floor. If you are choosing oak, you will know that while you are living in the house, you should do your utmost to ensure that it remains pristine. A top-quality oak floor can add to the re-sale value of your home, so we recommend you regularly treat the wood so that it retains its beautiful look and robustness. The typical wear and tear that goes on within a house can also contribute to how long it will ultimately last. As long as you have a good subfloor in place, and the oak boards are installed properly, you will likely have many decades of use out of this beautiful flooring.

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