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Shipping Costs

Oak Timber Shipping Costs

Shipping by Courier.

Due to the heavy awkward nature of the products on this site, courier deliveries are only possible with certain products eg, oak boards, posts and small numbers of new sleepers - our courier will NOT handle used sleepers. Next day delivery is available by this method - please email for costs!

Dedicated Crane Vehicle Delivery Costs Are as Follows:

0 -15 miles     £16.50

15 - 30 miles  £33.00

30 - 50 miles  £55.00

50 - 60 miles  £82.50

60 - 100 miles £99.00

100 - 135 miles £115.50

135 - 160 miles £ 126.50

160 - 250 miles £148.50

250 - 350 miles £165.00

350 - 550 miles £220.00

These costs include offloading to a kerbside location (or similar) with a crane!

Transportation Method

We have a large fleet of dedicated vehicles fitted with a crane for offloading. The cranes have a reach of approximately 5 metres so can be placed on a driveway or in a front garden with little problem if the area is accessible with the crane (the driver will offload over small walls or fences at your risk, the drivers decision as to whether it is possible is final!), if not then the delivery will be to the kerbside.

Shipping cost will remain the same whether 10 sleepers or 50 are ordered. For larger quantities you should either telephone or email for a quotation - discounts are available!

Delivery Times (approximate guide)

It is our stated aim to deliver all orders within a 10 working day period, in certain areas it is necessary to wait until there are enough orders to fill a truck so the maximum delivery period can possibly (but very rarely) be reached.

All the above prices are for guidance only, for a definite cost please use the calculator at checkout or email us for further details.

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