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Oak Floors - Oak Flooring Installation

Oak Floorboards

Oak floors, our best superior solid oak flooring, beautifully machined and high quality are available from UK Oak online. We supply our customers in random and specific lenghts. UK-Oak is a leading supplier of oak floors, oak floorboards and installation. If you need more information about our oak flooring collection contact us today on 0800 123 456 and a friendly customer service is happy to advise you and assist you.


We provide a wide range of products including :

Green Landscaping Oak

Structural Oak Beams

Garden Decking & Accessories

Kiln Dried Oak

Solid Oak Flooring

Reclaimed (used) Railway Sleepers

New Untreated Sleepers

New Eco-friendly Treated Sleepers

Reclaimed Crossing Timbers

UK Oak - Oak Flooring and Installation Northampton

Oak Floorboards

At UK Oak we supply high quality oak floors and oak floorboards. Our wide range of products includes, green oak beams, air dried oak beams, boards, floorboards, posts, oak fencing materials and timber. Our product range is sourced from more than one European country to provide high quality to our customers. Located in Northampton UK Oak supply quality oak flooring to our customers in UK and special offers.

Click here if you need more information about our Oak Floors or contact our friendly customer service on 01536 267107

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